Silver Harbor

Wine Collection

LOcal Michigan wines and cider

Silver Harbor is proud to offer a true Michigan wine menu. In collaboration with Fenn Valley Vineyards, a local Michigan winery,

Silver Harbor will feature four unique blends.

Red Table Wine | Glass $6   Bottle $20

This semi-dry table red is light and fresh with flavors highlighted by some of the area’s local fruits. A balanced wine that pairs well with most dishes, especially those with lightly seasoned sauces

Chardonnay | Glass $7   Bottle $24

This white features local crisp apples and peaches, without all the heavy toasty, buttery, and vanilla flavors of traditional oak-aged
chardonnays. The fresh fruit character and bracing crispness of this wine is a great finish to a summer day.

Meritage | Glass $8   Bottle $28

The name (merit-heritage) was coined by a small group of American winemakers to identify premium handcrafted wines blended from the traditional noble Bordeaux style grape varietals. Meritage continues the tradition with a blend of cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot. Each offers its own unique characteristic with black cherry flavors, black pepper, and slight earthy fruit character
complement each other to create a harmonious blend.

Riesling | Glass $7   Bottle $24

This semi-dry white wine has a crisp acidity that is balanced by a touch of natural grape sugar. The light, refreshing character makes it a perfect accompaniment to seafood, chicken, and spicy dishes.

The Huntsman Cider | Pint $7

Semi-dry, with a tart and crisp aftertaste. A well rounded cider made local and drank local, with just enough of a kick to have a good time.