Silver Harbor

Craft Spirit Collection

Silver Harbor is proud to offer a true all Michigan cocktail menu. In collaboration with Long Road Distillery,

 Silver Harbor will feature four unique spirit blends and a handful of craft cocktails.

Handcrafted cocktails

Party Crush  $10

Vodka, Party Barge IPA, fresh OJ and house simple syrup shaken and finished with an orange slice.

Old Fashioned  $10

Bourbon, house simple syrup, hopped grapefruit bitters, cocktail cherries and finished with an orange slice.

Ginger the Mule  $10

Traditional mule mixed with Ginger the Blonde Ale and house ginger simple syrup served hobo style.

Bloody Mary  $10

SHBC Vodka, house-made horseradish mix, seasoned salt rim, jalapeno bacon, celery, lime wedge and stuffed olives.

Add a 4oz beer sidecar $2

Tonic Your Way  $9

Vodka or Gin, Jack Rudy small batch tonic syrup and club soda finished with a lime.

Mixers $7

SHBC Gin, Corn Whiskey, Aged Bourbon or Vodka mixed your way. Fresh OJ, Club Soda, House Sour Mix, SHBC rootbeer, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale or Sierra Mist.