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In 2011, I brewed my first homebrew batch of beer. It was an American Wheat beer and it tasted, well... letʼs just say it had room for improvement. Something about brewing made me happy. Whether it was the science, the aromas of hops boiling, or enjoying the finished product, I developed a passion for beer. During my five years of home brewing, I took it very seriously. I brewed 20 times per year on the weekends and did research on improving and creating new recipes during the week. Opening a brewery quickly became my dream job. Unfortunately, like most dreams, it seemed unrealistic and impossible... That brings us to today and the exact place you are sitting, Silver Harbor Brewing Company. I am still waiting to wake up from this dream! 


As the Brewmaster at Silver Harbor Brewing Company, Iʼm committed to brewing beers that focus on quality, creativity, consistency, and variety. I will use the best quality ingredients to put the best quality beer on your table. I will brew crazy interesting beers that challenge your palate. I will be committed to maintaining consistency in the ales that are our mainstays. I will brew dark beers, light beers, American beers, Belgian beers, and every beer in between. This is my dream job and I am happy to have the opportunity to show you what we can do here at Silver Harbor Brewing. In fact, if you have any questions on our beers, please ask your server, or better yet, ask if Iʼm around and Iʼd love to meet you and talk beer! So kick back, relax, take in the
scenery of this beautiful facility, and most importantly...

Eat. Drink. Beer Happy!
- Christian Cook

Tier 1

Sampler - $2     Flights(5) - $10     16oz Pint - $6     Crowler - $12     Growler Fill - $16

So Heffen Good

(German Hefeweizen)  | ABV. 4% IBU 13

A flavorful traditional German Hefeweizen that features a nice haze with notes of banana, clove, and citrus.  A balance of German Malts, Wheat, and Noble Hops make for a great tasting and refreshing beer.


Available in a 4-Pack of 16oz cans (to go only) - $12 plus deposit

Tourist Trap 

(Premium American Lager)  | ABV. 5.1% IBU 18

A 2021 Bronze medal winner at the US Beer Open. An American Pilsner with slight notes of malt sweetness and a yeast strain that allows small amounts of fruity esters to come through. Brewed with Michigan Magnum and Cascade hops to lend a slight floral and citrus bitterness.

Available in a 4-Pack of 16oz cans (to go only) - $12 plus deposit

Kumbaya Brown

(Brown Ale)  | ABV. 5.4% IBU 24

A blend of specialty and roasted malts gives Kumbaya both caramel & roasted marshmallow undertones. Then vanilla beans are added providing a subtle sweetness. The perfect combination to bring you back to those cool, campfire nights.

Available in a 4-Pack of 16oz cans (to go only) - $12 plus deposit

Tapped Out

Sun Rise Breakfast Stout

(Oatmeal Stout)  | ABV. 7.0% IBU 36

Made with Columbian coffee beans, this stout embodies a silky mouth feel with chocolate and coffee undertones. 

Das Gute Zeug

(Octoberfest)  | ABV. 5.1% IBU 22

A balance of rich malty sweetness paired with a mild woody bitterness, makes this German Oktoberfest a perfect beer to transition you from summer to the Fall. Notes of caramel, nuts and biscuit flavors bring together this easy drinking beer.

Hops, Sweat and Tears

(IPA)  | ABV. 6.8% IBU 66

This ale is brewed with delicious Simcoe and Chinook hops which bring out citrus and piney flavors and aromas. This light bodied IPA is the perfect end to a hard days work. We know you worked hard, so we put our hops, sweat and tears into this beer. 

Available in a 4-Pack of 16oz cans (to go only) - $12 plus deposit

Good Timez Razzberry Wheat

(Wheat Ale)  | ABV. 5% IBU 14

This slightly pink colored American Wheat beer is enerously loaded with fresh raspberries. Our g clean finishing house ale yeast is added to allow with slight wheat flavors for a refreshing light beer a touch of sweetness.

Available in a 4-Pack of 16oz cans (to go only) - $12 plus deposit

Black Box Beer (Mug Club Members Only) 

(Norwegian Farmhouse)  | ABV. 7% IBU 35

Exclusive to our mug club members. Colombia rum barrels housed this twist on a classic American pale alem brewed with Amarillo and El Dorado hops, fermented with a Norwegian Kviek yeast strain, and aged with mango and passionfruit to add multiple layers of fruitiness. 

*Only available in cans*

Available in a 4-Pack of 16oz cans (to go only) - $19 plus deposit

Like Smokey Beers? Any beer can be custom smoked to order and served to you in a smoke filled dome. Expand your palate and give it a shot! Add $2

Tier 2

Sampler - $2     Flights(5) - $10     13oz Pint - $7     Crowler - $15     Growler Fill - $20

Grandma's Favorite Recipe*

(Lactose Kettle Sour)  | ABV. 5% IBU 7

2020 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal Winner

Inspired by my Grandma's favorite strawberry rhubarb pie, this beer is sure to be a favorite. A kettle sour with a generous grain bill of oats, what and lactose, with the addition of over 400lbs of Michigan strawberries, and 80lbs of Michigan rhubarb. Seriously...liquid strawberry rhubarb pie! 

*This beer contains lactose

Available in a 4-Pack of 16oz cans (to go only) - $16 plus deposit

Five O' Clock Parfait

(Lactose Kettle Sour)  | ABV. 6.0% IBU 8

Themed after a fruit parfait, this kettle sour features generous additions of blackberry and boysenberry, while using vanilla beans and lactose to get a vanilla yogurt like taste, and granola in the mash to round it all off.

Wobbly Traveler

(Scotch Ale)  | ABV. 9.0% IBU 40

A soft alcoholic warmth, accompanied by notes of caramel and raisin in a full bodied scotch ale. Malty, yet a wee bit sweet, but an impeccable choice for those of us who choose to travel wobbly.

Available in a 4-Pack of 16oz cans (to go only) - $16 plus deposit

Once You Go Belgian

(Belgian Golden Strong)  | ABV. 8.0% IBU 28

Deep golden colors with a slight haze confuse the mind - am I drinking a light wheat beer? A fruity bitterness topped with the addition of mangoes, peppercorn, and star anise help pack a punch at 8% ABV.

You know what they say, once you go Belgian... 

Pick Me I'm Hazy

(New England IPA)  | ABV. 7.0% IBU 60

Yea, we know you like hazy IPAs! Well sip on this  delicious brew. Double dry hopped with Amarillo, El Derado, Citra, and Mosaic hops, this beer has a melody of tropical juiciness. 

Tier 3

Sampler - $2     Flights(5) - $10     13oz Pint - $8     Crowler - $18     Growler Fill - $25


(English BarleyWine)  | ABV. 12.6% IBU 60

This 3-time gold medal winning small batch barley wine ale has sweetness shining through with a lush velvety texture. 

Brewed with grains of paradise and bottle aged for 4 months this beer becomes more complex and flavorful with age. 

After a few sips, lookout, the name speaks for itself.

Available in a 4-Pack of 16oz cans (to go only) - $18 plus deposit

Vintage 22oz Bombers - $12 plus deposit 

Wake n' Shake

(Double Milkshake IPA)  | ABV. 8.5% IBU 65

A double New England IPA  brewed with lactose, peaches and apricots. Double dry hopped with Idaho 7, Cascade and Cashmere for an abundance of tropical flavors.  Grab a glass and let's go! 

BBA Maple Grenade

(Double Oatmeal Stout with Maple Syrup)  | ABV. 13% IBU 62

Notes of oak, cocoa, and cigar round off a generous warming sensation from this beast of a beer. Aged in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels for four months to mellow the intensity, and primed with maple syrup, this beer is sure to explode your senses with awesomeness.

Available in a 4-Pack of 16oz cans (to go only) - $23plus deposit

LOcal Michigan wines and cider

Red Table Wine | Glass $6   Bottle $20

This semi-dry table red is light and fresh with flavors highlighted by some of the area’s local fruits. A balanced wine that pairs well with most dishes, especially those with lightly seasoned sauces

Chardonnay | Glass $7   Bottle $24

This white features local crisp apples and peaches, without all the heavy toasty, buttery, and vanilla flavors of traditional oak-aged
chardonnays. The fresh fruit character and bracing crispness of this wine is a great finish to a summer day.

Meritage | Glass $8   Bottle $28

The name (merit-heritage) was coined by a small group of American winemakers to identify premium handcrafted wines blended from the traditional noble Bordeaux style grape varietals. Meritage continues the tradition with a blend of cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot. Each offers its own unique characteristic with black cherry flavors, black pepper, and slight earthy fruit character
complement each other to create a harmonious blend.

Riesling | Glass $7   Bottle $24

This semi-dry white wine has a crisp acidity that is balanced by a touch of natural grape sugar. The light, refreshing character makes it a perfect accompaniment to seafood, chicken, and spicy dishes.

The Huntsman Cider | Pint $7 Crowler $14 Growler $20

Semi-dry, with a tart and crisp aftertaste. A well rounded cider made local and drank local, with just enough of a kick to have a good time. 

Handcrafted cocktails

Silver Gimlet  $10

Gin or Vodka, house simple syrup, lime juice and lime wedge. 

Summer Breeze  $10

Vodka, Grandma's Favorite Recipe made into simple syrup, the Huntsman Cider, soda, lime wedge and strawberries.  

Blackberry Jammin'  $10

Gin, Blackberry Jam Syrup, soda, lime wedge and mint

Honeycrisp Mule  $10

Vodka, Apple cider, lime juice, Ginger simple syrup, ginger ale, apple slice and cinnamon stick

Red Sangria   $10

Meritage red blend with fresh oranges, strawberries and apples served with an orange slice. 

Lavender Lemonade  $10

Vodka, house made lavender lemon syrup, lemonade, lavender sugar rim

Old Fashioned  $10

Bourbon, house simple syrup, hopped grapefruit bitters, cocktail cherries and finished with an orange slice.

Bloody Mary  $10

Vodka, house-made horseradish mix, seasoned salt rim, jalapeno bacon, celery, lime wedge and stuffed olives.

Add a 4oz beer sidecar $2

Mixers $7

SHBC Gin, Corn Whiskey, Aged Bourbon or Vodka mixed your way. Fresh OJ, Club Soda, House Sour Mix, SHBC rootbeer, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale or Sierra Mist. 

Tonic Your Way  $9

Vodka or Gin, Jack Rudy small batch tonic syrup and club soda finished with a lime.

White Sangria   $10

Riesling white wine with fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice, a little orange , soda and served with a lemon edge. 

Lavender Lemon Gin & Tonic  $10

Gin, house made lavender lemon syrup, small batch tonic, soda and a lemon wedge