We Love you guys! So we're taking every step we can to provide a safe dining experience.

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Check out things to expect and FAQ's we've been asked on what we're doing to keep you safe. 

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Q: I love sitting at the bar, bar stools?

A: Can't wait to catch up at the bar ... the best stories start here but for now we're limiting the fun at tables. Stay tuned when we open bar seating back up. 

Q: How will you manage things you touch like silverware? 

A: After attempting eating with our hands only we felt that wasn't going to work so we will offer silverware. Silverware will be soaked, high pressure rinsed and a heated wash cycle at 180+ degrees. We'll then hand roll them with single use gloves. 


Q: Will you be checking your employees to ensure their not sick?

A: This has become the best part of the day! We have a cool laser thermometer to check temps of every team member. We then have a series of questions to ask around exposure. Finally, all members sanitize immediately and start their shift by cleaning their section from top to bottom. 

Q: Are employees required to stay at home if sick? 

A: Yes and Yes! We offer paid sick time to help with this and if a team member arrives with illness or a temp, we will send them home, no questions asked. 

Q: Can we still buy merch from Silver Harbor? 

A: We love our swag ... yes, merch is still available but will not allow you to try on anything so just trust us that it looks great! 

Q: You always have a long wait with lots of people, how will you manage the crowds?

A: First - thank you for all the support! We'd encourage everyone to check in via Yelp Waitlist (we'll text you when your table is available and we will encourage you to wait in the park or outside). We are also offering reservations, just click Dining In above to make a reservation now.