Silver Harbor

Craft Spirit Collection

Silver Harbor is proud to offer a true all Michigan cocktail menu. In collaboration with Long Road Distillery,

 Silver Harbor will feature four unique spirit blends and a handful of craft cocktails.

Back to My Roots Beer Collins

SHBC’s rootbeer, gin, hand squeezed lemon juice, house simple syrup finished with lemon zest.  

Kumbaya Whisky

Corn whiskey, Kumbaya brown ale, house brown simple syrup, and bitters.

Ginger the Mule

Traditional mule mixed with Ginger the Blonde Ale and house ginger simple syrup served hobo style.

Party Crush 

Vodka, Party Barge IPA, fresh OJ and house simple syrup shaken and finished with an orange slice.

Old Fashioned 

Bourbon, house simple syrup, hopped grapefruit bitters, cocktail cherries and finished with an orange slice.

Sunset Chocolate Stout Martini

Vodka, Sunrise Breakfast stout with chocolate shaken and served in a martini glass.

Bloody Mary 

Vodka, Michigan made Brewt's Bloody Mary Mix and fresh veggies

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