​In 2011 I brewed my first homebrew batch of beer.
It was an American Wheat beer and lets just say it had room for improvement!
For some reason though, I kept with it. Something about brewing made me happy. Whether it was the science, the aromas of hops boiling, or enjoying the finished product; I developed a passion for beer.
During my five years of home brewing, I took it very seriously. I brewed twenty times per year on the weekends, and did research on improving and creating new recipes during the week. Over time my recipes got better and better and opening a brewery quickly became my dream job.
Unfortunately, like most dreams, it seemed unrealistic and impossible... which brings us to today.
I still am waiting to wake up from this dream!
As your Brewmaster at Silver Harbor Brewing Company, I will brew beers that focus on quality, creativity, consistency, and variety. I will use the best quality ingredients to put the best quality beer in your hands.
I will brew crazy interesting beers that challenge your palette. I will be committed to maintaining consistency in the ales that are our mainstays.
I will brew dark beers, light beers, American beers, Belgian beers, and every beer in between.
This is my dream job and I am happy to have the opportunity to show you what we can do here at SHBC.
So kick back, relax and most importantly....
Eat.Drink.Beer Happy!