​In 2011 I brewed my first homebrew batch of beer. It was an American Wheat beer and lets just say it had room for improvement!

For some reason though, I kept with it. Something about brewing made me happy. Whether it was the science, the aromas of hops boiling, or enjoying the finished product; I developed a passion for beer. During my five years of home brewing, I took it very seriously. I brewed twenty times per year on the weekends, and did research on improving and creating new recipes during the week. Over time my recipes got better and better and opening a brewery quickly became my dream job.


Unfortunately, like most dreams, it seemed unrealistic and impossible... which brings us to today. I still am waiting to wake up from this dream! As your Brewmaster at Silver Harbor Brewing Company, I will brew beers that focus on quality, creativity, consistency, and variety. I will use the best quality ingredients to put the best quality beer on your table. I will brew crazy interesting beers that challenge your palette. I will be committed to maintaining consistency in the ales that are our mainstays. I will brew dark beers, light beers, American beers, Belgian beers, and every beer in between. This is my dream job and I am happy to have the opportunity to show you what we can do here at SHBC.


So kick back, relax, take in the scenery of this beautiful facility, and most importantly....Eat.Drink.Beer Happy!

Smoked Beer! 

Start with our Kumbaya Brown Ale, we inject hickory smoke into a glass chamber and bring it table side. The smoke flavor infuses itself into the beer during the process creating the first known Live Smoked Beer! 

Ginger the Blonde Ale

Not your typical light beer, Ginger packs the flavor with raw ginger root, sweetness from Michigan sourced honey, and she finishes with a little zest from fresh lemon.  A great, refreshing beer.


Alc. 5.25% 

Hops, Sweat and Tears

This ale is brewed with delicious Simcoe and Warrior hops which bring out citrusy and piney flavors and aromas. This light bodied IPA is the perfect end to a hard days work. We know you worked hard, so we put our hops, sweat and tears into this beer.


Alc. 6.2% 

So Heffen Good (Hefeweizen)


This extremely smooth German Wheat beer has distinct banana, clove, and fresh citrusy flavors and aromas.  Very light with Hallertauer Gold and Perle hops creates a nice haze with balance of brilliant yeast flavors from the wheat and pale malts. 


Alc. 4.0%

Pier Jumper ESB
(Extra Special Bitter)

A beautiful amber colored ale which embraces its biscuit and toasty malt flavors. Magnum hops are added to give the beer a light spiciness with citrus undertones.


Alc. 5.0%

Sun Rise Breakfast Stout

Made with local Ferris Coffee Kona Coffee, this stout embodies a silky mouth feel with chocolate and coffee undertones.


Alc. 6.3%

Once you go Belgian (Belgian Strong Ale)

Deep golden colors with a slight haze confuse the mind - am I drinking a light wheat beer?  A fruity bitterness topped with the addition of mangoes, peppercorn, and star anise help pack a punch at 8% ABV. 


You know what they say, once you go Belgian...


Alc. 8.0% 

Good Timez Razzberry Wheat (American Wheat)


This slightly pink colored American Wheat beer is generously loaded with fresh raspberries. Our clean finishing house ale yeast is added to allow slight wheat flavors for a refreshing light beer with a touch a sweatness. 


Alc. 5.0%

Kumbaya Brown (Brown Ale)

A blend of specialty and roasted malts give this brew some nice caramel and roasted marshmallow undertones. Vanilla Beans are added to give a sweet kick. Bringing you back those cool night sitting around the campfire.


Alc. 5.4%

One More Week 
(Double Indian Red Ale)


Wish you had one more week to enjoy that perfect vacation? Say no more and let us help you kick back and relax. With a deep red color from five different hop varieties and melanoidin malt brings out incredible balance and flavor.


Alc. 8.6%

Pleasant Street Pale Ale (Pale Ale)

This light colored pale ale has a medium body and lends malty and biscuit flavors. The use of Michigan grown Crystal hops gives it a nice floral bitterness and aroma.


Alc. 5.6%

Bride Order Male
(Russian Imperial Stout)

This full bodied Russian imperial stout has a complex blend of 8 malts lending flavors of chocolate, coffee, raisin and licorice. At 10%, this ale has a nice warmth to it but is still very smooth. 


Alc. 10.0%

Party Barge (Session IPA)

This citra session IPA has orange hues and pours with a frothy head packed with citrus aromas. Mild toasty and malty flavors balance out the citrus and piney bitterness in this refreshing ale.


Alc. 4.9%

Early Retirement
(Belgian Inspired IPA)

Fermented with our house ale yeast and finished with our Belgian strain, this IPA lends aromas of freshly sliced oranges from ground coriander and citra hops. This easy drinking Belgian inspired IPA will have you thinking of early retirement in no time.  


Alc. 7.5%